"Weston Sprott is an excellent trombonist. His vibrant sound, rhythmic energy, intonation, articulation, sense of style, and musical insight are all in the top category of professional performers on the instrument."

"Sprott's sense of style and phrasing take a backseat to no one."

"If the purpose of including five tenor arias from the Italian operatic repertoire was to highlight Sprott's singing tone, beautiful legato, and excellent phrasing, mission accomplished."

"Sprott negotiates all the difficulties of the trombone part with ease..."

          -- The International Trombone Association Journal

About the Puccini and Donizetti arias... " is clear that Sprott knows these inside and out. He feels the emotion of every note and phrase, which is exactly what they need."

"Sprott captures the breezy, French folk-song quality perfectly. The tempo is just fast enough to be lively while allowing the excellent pianist Hanako Yamagata to handle the metric and contrapuntal complexity."

About the Arthur Pryor solos... "Sprott gives it plenty of stylistic variety, adds his own touches to the cadenzas, handles the considerable technical demands with ease, and maintains excellent intonation and beautiful tone at all times. It is an exemplary ending to an outstanding recording."

           -- The American Record Guide

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